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Re: SEUL: outline of an end-user distro

Hi there, 

> -> I think we can't do with i386/486 computers : X is unable to 
> -> be launched on them.  The end-users would like a *graphical* 
> -> installation, with fancy picture/graphics.  They don't a 
> -> << DOS-like >> (it's what thez said when they see a great 
> -> and usefull text based console!) interface.
> People that stupid deserve M$Windows.
*Not* stupid, just ingnorant...

> -> Why not do a text based installation, we can't juts do that.
> What?  No user-friendly Linux for me?
Sorry, it's not what I liked to say.
Understood :
Why not do an "version"/option with text based installation ?
I think it's a very good possibility.
We can do one floppy for X based installation, and another one for text
based installation.
So, you'll be able to install a user friendly Linux.
What do you think about it ?



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