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Re: SEUL: About Independence, LaetOs, RedHat and Debian

Hi all,

> I have seen this when I was in Seul.  People telling how great Debian
> is and how free it is and how the Debian 7th Cavalry will come to our
> rescue if only we decide to become Debian satellites.  Well first of
> all cavalry never came for Seul.  Only a single cavalryman, their
> colonel willing to plunder the fallen.  But this is not the point.
> Roger or Donovan will tell you what happenned.  It was not pretty.
I haven't said Debian developers will come and save the world ! I've
only said they will certainly give some help.

For RH, you've probably right, but you're forgeting some things...
What means "RedHat compatibles" ?? I only know "Linux compatible", "POSIX
compatible", "Unix98 compatible", and things like that but I've never
heard "RedHat compatible", "Debian compatible" nor "SuSE compatible".
This point of vue is very dangerous, one program must run on all distro,
one package must be installable on all distro (with alien).
When I wanna install a .rpm, I use alien and then I can install it.
I think we shouldn't say "RedHat isn't the best but it's the more used, so 
we use RedHat", but "We need a base for a user friendly distro, there
isn't any user-friendly distro, so what is the best base ?", and we must
take care to be able to install *ALL* packages format on this distro
(.rpm, .deb, .spl).
> I want to end this thread.  I will answer mails of Indy people willing
> to convince me (democracy :-) but not from Laet people willing to
> convert me
I don't want to convert you, I not here for that. I'm here only to
discuss, to convince.
You think/do what you want, my mails was not only for you but for the
whole list.
I haven't said Indy aren't right, I've only said we (LætOS) are thinking
Debian is the best base.
If you consider I want to convert you, or I'm uninterresting, don't
answer, you're not forced...

So, to all : what do you think about ?

Thanks for your attention.


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