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Re: SEUL: About Independence, LaetOs, RedHat and Debian

Dennis Leeuw wrote:

> Al Hudson wrote:
> > I think advocacy is one area vastly underrated. For a lot of people, it's
> > the software that does the real talking, but I think also a well-reasoned
> > argument is incredibly persuasive, and let's face it - there's a lot to
> > linux which makes it a very attractive proposition. The two advancements
> > to be made, therefore, are making it's less attractive side more
> > attractive (the software), and telling people about the attractive stuff
> > (the advocacy).
> I think you are completely right. If we want that end user distro, and
> personally I don't think it is that important on who it is based, although I
> would very much like it to be Slackware :). we should get promotion. I think
> that SEUL has to come out more. I have noticed their site since a couple of days
> and wasn't aware of their position and learned just two days ago that they
> didn't do a distro. So a better position of SEUL, their work and the fact that
> they let us ramble on their servers :) should be promoted more.
> Can't we get some marketing machine running? Any ideas?
> Dennis

Well, we could try to arrange something with Freshmeat, Linuxnews or something if
the article is worthwhile ....