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Re: SEUL: Fwd: Linux (potential) end-user research.

> My impression is that Windows 95 is "stable in practice," 

for many, true. my win95 last term ended up with the situation that it
crashed as soon as you accessed a floppy - to use a floppy you had to
exit to dos, copy the stuff to the hard drive then reboot.

> "Since I realised that I had to
> use only Microsoft applications, and only the exact way that Microsoft
> wants them used, I've had no crashes with Windows 95. I've given up." 

I always thought it rather ironic that the only program I ever found
that would *consistently* bring the whole of an NT system down (which
for a workstation I find is stable enough for most purposes, it's only
as a server that it becomes inadequate IMHO) was Word '97... even more
ironically, it was the Autosave feature that did it...

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