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SEUL: do we want a karaoke player?

I can't bring myself to admit that end-users want a karaoke
player (after somebody described it to me). Somebody else here
want to tell me that I should say yes to this guy, so I can
blame somebody else when it finally dawns on me that seul is
supporting such a thing? :)


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To: seul@seul.org
Subject: hosting
From: Rodrigo Reyes <reyes@chez.com>
Date: 12 Aug 1999 08:02:10 +0200

 Hello !

 I'm currently looking for some hosting for the homepage of my
 program. This is Midnight, a midi/karaoke player that has a gtk,
 gnome, and command-line interface (although the latter only supports
 midi playing, without the karaoke features). The program is GPL, last
 release is 0.9.4. Would it be possible to get some disk space on a
 seul machine ? Please do not hesitate if you'd like to have more
 information about the program.

best regards,


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