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Re: SEUL: do we want a karaoke player?

> I can't bring myself to admit that end-users want a karaoke
> player (after somebody described it to me). Somebody else here
> want to tell me that I should say yes to this guy, so I can
> blame somebody else when it finally dawns on me that seul is
> supporting such a thing? :)

     Sorry to be slow to respond - my email connection has been very
unstable lately, and I've lost a lot of time trying to chase the bugs.

     I've always been a good person to blame for things, so sure, "we
should say yes to this guy" =)

     Seriously though, this is an end-user app and we want to support
end user apps. I would like to know more about it from him before giving
the green light. Specifically, what has been done so far, what other
services has he already set up for his project (mailing lists, etc), and
what services he wants from SEUL (other than web hosting).

     If he is going to actively work on and lead the project, sure,
let's give him space.


     (Blame it on) Pete

Pete St. Onge