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SEUL: FreeMWare


The FreeMWare project is looking for a server for CVS repository for our
code.  We are trying to write a virtual machine system, similar to the one
developed by VMWare.

All our code is covered by LGPL, so it fits into your purpose perfectly.
You can check out our web page at http://www.freemware.org

What is necessary to set up such a repository on your system?

The lead developer for FreeMWare is Kevin Lawton, he can be reached at


Michal Karczmarek
The computer world is pure code, instructions and information, none of
which are capable of discrimination. The computer programmer is the god of
a perfectly obedient universe. Like the artist, the canvas of his creation
is as expressive or inexpressive of his will and intention as he has made
it to be. 

			Liraz Siri, Internet Auditing Project