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SEUL: Re: FreeMWare

> Hi
> The FreeMWare project is looking for a server for CVS repository for our
> code.  We are trying to write a virtual machine system, similar to the one
> developed by VMWare.
> All our code is covered by LGPL, so it fits into your purpose perfectly.
> You can check out our web page at http://www.freemware.org
> What is necessary to set up such a repository on your system?
> The lead developer for FreeMWare is Kevin Lawton, he can be reached at
> kevin@bochs.com
> Thnx
> Michal Karczmarek

Certainly; we'd be happy to help out with this. I remember you guys
asked us to help out with hosting when the freemware.org domain was being
created, but another place seemed more suitable then. I'm glad you
remembered us, and glad we're still around to help. :)
We can do this two ways. The first way is to set up developer accounts
for each of you who wants to frob the repository. Then you can have
remote copies of your repository, and do actions by setting your $CVSROOT
to :ext:user@cvs.seul.org. This has the advantage that you can use ssh for
communication, and it will be totally encrypted/authenticated.
The second way is to give you accounts in the pserver system, and then you
would use pserver as described in http://www.geda.seul.org/cvs.html
The pserver system has kind of a hokey attempt at encryption. Basically,
you'd be doing transactions in the clear. But you'd be using different
passwords than the ones in /etc/passwd, so the risk is contained. Also,
there is a 'guest' read-only account, so people could fetch your
repository and play with it without having an account.

Probably you guys want the second choice.

I've cc'ed this to Ales Hvezda, the leader of the gEDA project and
the guy who maintains our pserver accounts. He will need to know the
development accounts you want (the ones that have write access) --
username and password, preferably pre-crypted password so he can just
stick it into the file (and so it isn't sent plaintext in mail).
Also, he will need a 'category' for freemware. Currently our categories
are eda (which includes geda), net (which includes gftp) and sound
(which includes sox). Something specific enough that it makes sense,
but general enough that maybe one day we would put something else in
that category too. :)

Is there anything else we can help out with -- mailing lists, archives,
ftp/web sites or mirrors, dns, irc, etc? freemware is a very worthwhile