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SEUL: Re: lincity

> Hello Pete,
> Thank you for the email.  I have decided to take advantage of your 
> kind offer.  I think we can use the CVS server with anonymous and 
> ssh access and a single development account (for now -- hopefully more 
> later).  The account is for me, so maybe login "gsharp" would be good.  
> Let me know where you have it set up, and then I can copy over our 
> existing CVS tree.

Er, um, I'm confused. Or maybe you're confused. You can choose to go
the anonymous route or the ssh route, not both. If you put your
repository in the pserver account, then the 'guest' account can
access it, but development accounts on the machine don't have permissions
to write to it; only the pserver account can write to it, which means
you need to interact with it via the pserver daemon, rather than ssh.

I've given you a real live dev account 'gsharp' on cvs.seul.org (I'll
send you details in a separate mail). But what I think you want is some
accounts with the pserver system.
I've cc'ed this to Ales Hvezda, the leader of the gEDA project and
the guy who maintains our pserver accounts. He will need to know the
development accounts you want (the ones that have write access) --
username and password, preferably pre-crypted password so he can just
stick it into the file (and so it isn't sent plaintext in mail).
Also, he will need a 'category' for lincity. Currently our categories
are eda (which includes geda), net (which includes gftp) and sound
(which includes sox). Something specific enough that it makes sense,
but general enough that maybe one day we would put something else in
that category too. :)
> I hesitate to ask, but would SEUL be interested in hosting a game 
> server for our multi-player internet version?  This would require 
> more or less full time use of one of your (possibly older) machines 
> and a reasonable amount of bandwidth, so I won't feel bad if you 
> cannot provide this service.  We'll be beta testing multi-player 
> version starting this fall.

Erm. We might be able to help out with this. Can you provide more
details? By full-time use, you mean only in terms of time, not in
terms of cpu, right? How much bandwidth is a 'reasonable amount'?


> Thank you,
> Greg
> -- 
> Gregory C. Sharp
> gregsharp@geocities.com