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SEUL: Become famous - post to Freshmeat!

I need some volunteers from geda-dev and seul-edu. If you've been
lurking on the list and want to help out but can't code, this is
your chance.

There are a lot of applications in both geda-dev and seul-edu that
really ought to get announced to the world, but nobody has bothered.
Sure, they have a couple of users, but they could actually *go*
somewhere if they were made public. Also, there are a number of
applications that have been announced for their first release, but
new releases are coming out without publicity.

Examples that come to mind at first glance:

geda-dev: acs, gmos, gnetlist, gpcb, gschem, gwave, icarus, sarlacc
even the main geda releases themselves haven't been put on freshmeat lately.

seul-edu: eduml, roster, others?

If you're interested in helping out with the coordination of this
publicity, please drop me a line and also subscribe to the seul-pub list
(mail majordomo@seul.org with body 'subscribe seul-pub').

Necessary skills include:

* You need to be on the mailing list, so you can notice when people have a
  new version of something.
* You need to have enough familiarity to know what it is they've written,
  how to describe it (freshmeat usually likes a paragraph), and how to
  succinctly describe the changes for new versions.
* You need to be in contact with the author, and make sure he/she is ok with
  what you're doing (eg, you might want to run your paragraph by the author
  before submitting it to freshmeat).
* You need to be able to work the freshmeat cgi. Not too hard.

Of course, we're not going to limit ourselves to Freshmeat. We should also
hit Linuxtoday, and any other software news places we notice (suggestions
welcome). We can put out periodic summaries to seul-announce (currently 772

And remember, publicity means more users means more feedback means better
programs. Fun for the whole family.

--Roger (SEUL Project leader)