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SEUL: Re: Linux C++ and C Mailing Lists [ANNOUNCE]

Hi There!

I have attempted to reply directly to turnere@iplabs.ru however my mail
server has reported:

Your message

  To:      turnere@iplabs.ru
  Subject: Re: Various Announcements
  Sent:    Wed, 1 Dec 1999 00:52:57 +0300

I also replied to another address. Whilst I am (apparently) being
accused of "spam" this particular person hasn't even the curtesy to
supply a resolvable email address. I stand by all my announcements; I am
simply making sure that our Open Source communities are informed of some
free, Linux resources.


The announcements began thus: 
> >
> > -----------------------
> >
> > In an unprecedented week, the Linux C++ mailing lists, created by David
> > Lloyd (mailto:tuxCPProgramming-owner@listbot.com), have grown from 390
> > members to 510. The list's subject is programming Linux with C++ and no
> > subject - easy or hard - appears to be too difficult for it. Before


Don't forget about the Linux C Mailing Lists!
The Linux C++ Mailing Lists - a Linux C++ resource for you...