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SEUL: status update

SEUL/edu in the press: this week's feature article in Linux Weekly News is
an interview with SEUL/edu. "An International Focus on Linux in Education
takes a look at a multi-faceted project supporting students, developers and
educators interested in using Linux."

TINY is a small Linux distribution designed especially for reusing old
computers. It has very low demands in terms of hardware capacity, and even
a Linux beginner can install it easily. No CD driver is required for
installation, even for standalone machines. TINY is GUI capable. As long as
your machine can bear it, you can run all available Linux applications on it.
This is the first stable release (version 0.1).

gFTP has version 2.0.6 available as of this week. It includes a number of

ecasound, a multitrack audio processing tool, has stable version v1.6.8r8
out this week.

X-Archon version 0.50 is out.

Lingoteach is a simple language teaching program written in Java. It is part
of the SEUL/edu project.