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SEUL: Sample Webpages for SEUL-PUB (fwd)

From: Anand_R_Vaidya@notes.seagate.com
To: seul-pub-www@seul.org, seul-pub@seul.org
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 15:32:39 +0800
Subject: SEUL: Sample Webpages for SEUL-PUB

I have redesigned the SEUL pages (index.html, links.html and links2.html). The
colour scheme is very different from the existing scheme . I am using
light-purple for navigation bar and black-on-white text for main data area.

Another major change: I have created a very basic StyleSheet (name:
seulscr.css). You can view the pages at:


I would like to have your feedback so that  I can start looking at more files
and start editing / adding content.