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SEUL: Linux End User Training (fwd)

Please give a cc directly to Nico if you answer, since I don't
believe he's on any of the seul lists.

From: "Nico Coetzee" <nicc@mweb.co.za>
To: seul@seul.org
Subject: Linux End User Training
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:49:50 +0200


I plan to test run a Linux Training program I'm designing by February =
2000. The curriculum has basically to do with using Linux for everyday =
practical life. It will cover Login, Home directory management, =
Connecting to the Internet, and some Office work. It is based on the =
current RedHat 6 system and takes the user from the XDM Login prompt. It =
further concentrates on the KDE desktop and the following apps:

    *    kppp
    *    Netscape Communicator
    *    StarOffice
    *    kfm
    *    Some others

I base the curriculum on a similar Windows end user course from =
FUTUREKIDS ( www.futurekids.co.za ).

If you think there is wider interest, let me know!