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Re: SEUL: Text editors.

> here's a brief summary of what I investigated :

Very Cool!  We need more people doing this!

What I'd suggest you do now with this list is maybe fill it out with more 
verbose information about what worked and what didn't, and try to think 
from the end-user perspective to assess how easy it might be to use.  Lay 
out what common operations someone might do at the top of the doc, and try 
to walk through each of them with each editor.

If you can grab screenshots of all of them, at various stages, they can be 
put in the document as it sits on the website.  Pointers to the source, 
documentation, and websites, if they exist.

I'll be sending out more information on the sdoc parser and it's handlers 
later today, on the seul-pub list.  I encourage anyone working on 
documentation such as this to subscribe to that list, else you'll miss 
crucial things like this.

Keep up the good work!

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