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SEUL: Introduction

Hello all, once again.  Since I called for introductions, I thought it would
be appropriate for me to post the first one.

My name is Martin Jackson.  My background is liberal arts, specifically
Classics (Greek and Latin language and literature).  I have had a lifelong
interest in computers, which I acted on in a professional way by going back
to school and studying Computer Science.  I am currently in the first year
of a four year program which will result in a Master's in Computer Science
at Mankato State University in Mankato, Minnesota (about 90 miles south of
the Twin Cities).

In addition to going to school full-time, I typeset business cards and other
similar items for a large printing company in Mankato.  They are better
known for doing wedding invititations, but management assures me that all
items produced by us are of the highest quality <g>.

I believe that I am best qualified to do editing and other clean-up type
tasks for seul-pub.  I wrote the whylinux? which currently appears on the
SEUL page at www.seul.org.  I have participated in several of the irc
discussions, including one with Bruce Perens of Debian fame.

I am learning C++, but I am not yet ready to code on this project.  I am
also interested in learning the various Linux extensions to C++, like
ncurses, gtk, tcl/tk, and others; I also want to learn Fortran and
eventually Java.  Depending on how long the project goes on, I might try to
get into the coding phase, too.

I run Debian 1.3.1 at home, although I have not yet gotten a PPP connection
to work.  Thus, I conduct most SEUL business from my Windows partitions.
(Sorry about that - I'm working on it, honest.)

Martin Jackson:  mjackson@deskmedia.com
Information Science Major
Mankato State University