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Fw: SEUL: prelim task division for seul-pub

I recognize that many of you have seen this before, but I noticed that we
have some new subscribers, so I'm reposting with my comments.  Besides,
since I'm the seul-pub leader, I thought it would be a good idea to get
involved again :).

>* Linux Advocacy
>  - Why Linux?
>  - Why SEUL?
>  - (Why Windows?)

This is largely written -- it was my first SEUL project.  Is anyone
receiving this good at sdoc and/or HTML?  I am very new to both and don't
feel confident doing markup in either.  Would anyone like to volunteer for

>* "Public" SEUL docs and announcements (the non-technical ones)
>  - write and/or maintain

This will be an ongoing thing.  Again, any volunteers?

>* Website -- seul-pub is wholly in charge of the website
>  * A section for each group, containing
>    - Mission statement
>    - Active members
>    - Archives
>    - Decisions and plans, in an easy to read/skim format
>    - Past/Current/Future projects, with documentation, links, todo list,
>      who's working on them, what sort of help they need
>  * Main/other:
>    - SEUL Mission statement
>    - Searchable, overall or by group
>    - Subscription form for seul-announce on front page
>    - List of seul groups/links w/ brief descriptions
>    - Other linux links w/ commentary/descriptions

The website is our chief priority right now.  Since we are tasked with
maintaining good relations with the "outside world," and since the main
project pages don't seem to want to post information about us right now
(I'll be working on that myself today), this is our number one priority.
There are a lot of really nice Linux project pages out there, such as KDE
(http://www.kde.org), GNOME (http://www.gnome.org), Mnemonic
(http://www.mnemonic.org) and others, with high design standards, consistent
look and feel, good readability, etc.

If volunteering seems premature for any of you at this point, why don't we
all take turns posting introductions, so that we all have a better idea
who's involved.  (If you want to volunteer, please send private email to
mjackson@seul.org with qualifications etc. -- if two people want to
volunteer for the same position I don't want to see public flame wars on
this list.  If two people do volunteer for the same position, I will try to
resolve it in the most equitable way possible for all concerned parties.)

This is my initial plan for organization:

3 teams, each with a leader and 2-4 others (Depending on amount of
responsibility, expertise, etc.).  SEUL advocacy could probably do fine with
1 other person besides the leader.  The SEUL docs will probably vary
considerably during the life of the project.  The SEUL Web will (at least
initially) require the most time and involvement from us.

We will be largely independent of the coding project, so we will have a lot
of freedom in setting our own deadlines.  We will still be responsible to
omega and arma (Erik and Roger, respectively) for the work we do here.

Gentlemen, ladies...this project is important.  We have the potential here
of creating something which has all the power of UNIX and all the ease of
use of Windows/Mac.  Right now, seul-pub is one of the most important parts
of the project, since the documents we produce will be attracting other
volunteers.  High-quality documents will produce high-quality volunteers.
Let's produce documents worthy of this project and its goals!

Martin Jackson:  mjackson@deskmedia.com
Information Science Major
Mankato State University