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SEUL: Web/documentation structure

Please comment on this soon, as I intend to get this all set up and working 
on my dev machines Friday evening/Saturday morning, then get it on the real 
machines (along with sdoc gen3) by Saturday night.

This table lists the mapping between directories in the CVS repository and
the web site.  The second column is what it kinda-sorta-mabye is now, and
the second is what arma and I have agreed on in the last 10min.

The How? column tells you how things would be put into the site.  I need
to rethink this column, because with the new structure it seems that the
best way to do the mapping (the "mapped" type listed here) will work for
*all* the directories, and it's better to have a single mechanism than
three, don't ya think?

This file resides in http://www.omegacs.net/~omega/seul/dirhier

1) doc/ subdirectories can be found anywhere *except* in an html/ dir.
   They should contain documentation for the parent directory's content,
   i.e. the dev/help/xhelp/doc/ dir contains docs for the xhelp browser.
2) html/ subdirectories can be found anywhere *except* in a doc/ dir.
   They should contain all documents that are specifically intended to be
   the 'public face' of that directory, i.e. the "Home Page", whereas doc/
   stuff is actual documentation.

CVS:		public_html tree:	Alternate		How?

    html	/dev/admin/		/dev/admin/		mapped
    html	/dev/apps/		/dev/apps/		mapped
    html	/dev/distrib/		/dev/distrib/		mapped
  doc		/doc/dev/		/dev/doc/		doc
    doc		/doc/dev/help/		/dev/help/doc/		doc
    html	/dev/help/		/dev/help/		mapped
      doc	/doc/dev/help/xhelp/	/dev/help/xhelp/doc/	doc
      html	/dev/help/xhelp/	/dev/help/xhelp/	mapped
  html		/dev/			/dev/			mapped
    html	/dev/install/		/dev/install/		mapped
    html	/dev/ui/		/dev/ui/		mapped
  public_html	/			/			direct
    archives	/archives/		/archives/		direct
    images	/images/		/images/		direct
    misc	/misc/			/misc/			direct
    whatsnew	/whatsnew/		/whatsnew/		direct
    ...		/.../			/.../			direct
  whylinux	/whylinux/		/pub/whylinux/		mapped
  faqs		/faqs/			/pub/faqs/		mapped
  ???		???						mapped
      doc	/doc/sys/cvs/bin/	/sys/cvs/bin/doc/	doc
    doc		/doc/sys/cvs/		/sys/cvs/doc/		doc
      doc	/doc/sys/cvs/etc/	/sys/cvs/etc/doc/	doc
  doc		/doc/sys/		/sys/doc/		doc
      doc	/doc/sys/web/bin/	/sys/web/bin/doc/	doc
    doc		/doc/sys/web/		/sys/web/doc/		doc

Ways for data to go from CVS to the web:

direct) part of the pub/public_html/ tree, gets mapped directly
   doc) in a doc/ subdirectory (*anywhere*):
        \ the inline doc/ gets stripped, moved to head, and put on site
mapped) in a directory specifically mapped to the website via .admin file
        \ (see the whylinux line for an example)

Are any of these three methods any different????  Not really, just the
implicitness of the mapping, i.e. for doc/ dirs.

More info on the .admin stuff to come later this weekend (1/2[456]/98).

     Erik Walthinsen <omega@seul.org> - SEUL Project system architect
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