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SEUL: prelim task division for seul-pub

I just wanted to get you guys started early with task divisions,
given that getting a web page up right now is so important. This
is the current draft of seul-pub's responsibilities. Please let
me know if you need help with things. Omega's setting up the CVS
directory structure right now, so hopefully this can be set up

Much of the actual data will be written by others, and then organized
and put onto the web page by seul-pub.

More info soon (or look at http://web.mit.edu/arma/Public/seul-tasks
if you don't mind peeking).



seul-pub: SEUL Publicity, Publications, and Public Relations

* Linux Advocacy
  - Why Linux?
  - Why SEUL?
  - (Why Windows?)

* "Public" SEUL docs and announcements (the non-technical ones)
  - write and/or maintain

* Website -- seul-pub is wholly in charge of the website
  * A section for each group, containing
    - Mission statement
    - Active members  
    - Archives
    - Decisions and plans, in an easy to read/skim format
    - Past/Current/Future projects, with documentation, links, todo list,
      who's working on them, what sort of help they need
  * Main/other:
    - SEUL Mission statement
    - Searchable, overall or by group
    - Subscription form for seul-announce on front page
    - List of seul groups/links w/ brief descriptions 
    - Other linux links w/ commentary/descriptions