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SEUL: A possibility in the future

This is from the Berlin list.  It would be cool if eventually (in time for 
SEUL 1.0?) seul-pub could orchestrate, likely in cooperation with SSC (LJ's 
publishers), such a magazine.  First issue comes out in parallel with 
SEUL... That'd be cool.

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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 19:54:03 -0500 (EST)
From: Jim Fetters <jfetters@prilnari.com>
To: "'berlin@prilnari.com'" <berlin@prilnari.com>
Subject: RE: Our homepage, RHAD, Gnome, etc.

On Sat, 17 Jan 1998, Stefan Ottosson wrote:

> Have you heard about Linux Focus? It is a web-based magazine, so I dont
> know if it counts, but it is quite technical and seems to be turning out
> quite well (there's only been 2 issues yet). Next issue they're having 
> a theme on X, so you might want to submit a pro-Berlin article.. =)
> oh yeah, almost forgot, here's the url:
> mercury.chem.pitt.edu/~angel/LinuxFocus/English/index.html

A good idea for a startup company would be:

Make a magazine for *beginners* to Linux.  Publish monthly.  Include
non-technical articles.  Sell it on every newstand.  Each monthly 
issue include a CD-ROM of the latest Debian release. [Hmmmm.. maybe
Bruce could start this].

Most people I know want to run Linux, but have never used UNIX.
Linux journal is great for the "I already know UNIX" crowd, but does
nothing for the average user.  That's not the fault of Linux Journal, its
just a new market nobody has gone after....

- -jim
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