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On Sat, 9 Jan 1999 EAMorical@aol.com wrote:

>I'm trying to understand the HTML problems I might have in trying to pass
>files back and forth. Following is the links2.sdoc file Roger sent me. I've
>cut out the middle to keep the size down and I've changed <> to {} to avoid
>browser intrepretation. To me it appears that things have been added/inserted
>at the top and bottom and that I should remove them before returning the file.
>The question is that I'm not sure exactly what to remove. For example do the
>HTML tags remain? What about the various FONT tags? Finally can anyone send me
>a sample HTML file I could use as a prototype for turning the "List of
>Educational Contacts" file into an HTML file. Thanks.

It depends on whether or not you want .sdoc or HTML.  They do differ
slightly.  In the edu/html directory, there are several list-type HTML
files that you're welcome to use.  They are named software.html,
projects.html, etc.  If you don't like the colors, it should be pretty
easy to search-and-replace with the desired scheme.  On the other hand,
I seem to recall something about .sdoc being the standard for SEUL, so you
may need to use that instead.

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