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Wil writes:
>It depends on whether or not you want .sdoc or HTML.  They do differ
>slightly.  In the edu/html directory, there are several list-type HTML
>files that you're welcome to use.  They are named software.html,
>projects.html, etc.  If you don't like the colors, it should be pretty
>easy to search-and-replace with the desired scheme.  On the other hand,
>I seem to recall something about .sdoc being the standard for SEUL, so you
>may need to use that instead.

Unfortunately I'm still on AOL. It is so unstable (so far it hasn't destroyed
anything other than itself) that even if there was a way I could get to the
files, I wouldn't want to try it. It takes around an hour to reinstall AOL
with all the downloading and whatever when it destroys itself (won't execute
any more). It was 6 hours last time to rebuild the whole system. The computer
is used in a business and has to be up running or somebody won't eat. I'm
fortunate that I'm able to use it during off hours. Anyway now that you bring
up the issue of html vs sdoc, this might be a good time to discuss it as I was
just making notes on this issue. The SEUL Homepage and the SEUL Development
page appear to be HTML (sdoc does not appear on the bottom line), whereas the
seul-edu page is sdoc as are probably all of the others except for yours. Your
seul-edu Projects page and seul-edu Software Wish List are HTML as you state
above. When it comes to the Educational Software Page, I see a $ID$ but no
sdoc at the bottom of the page, so I'm not sure what that means but I suspect
that it's HTML. So it appears we have a mixed site.
Doug wrote:
>As a member of the SEUL community, I'd like to see a suggested redesign
>of both the SEUL home page and some interior page (since I'm active in
>seul-edu, I offer http://www.seul.org/edu for redesign).  As Roger says,
>an important part of any redesign for us will be the ammount of effort
>required to realize it on all the pages of the site.

Well it appears to me that the SEUL home page is HTML and the seul-edu page is
sdoc for the reason I stated above. Obviously they can coexist but it looks to
me that they aren't going to look alike. But then again I may be wrong. In any
case even if freehive does the design, we are going to have to tell them what
we want as they can't read our minds. Anyway more thoughts after supper.

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