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Re: SEUL: Re: Linux advocacy documents team?

Kristian Soerensen wrote:
> What has happened so far with this "Linux advocacy documents team idea" ?

It's still a good idea, but none of us have put any effort into
implementing it (except possibly Roger, but his plate is full with lots
of things and I don't think we should count on him to be the "sparkplug"
for yet another effort).  My advocacy efforts of late have been in
trying to stay in contact with the educational software companies I'm
trying to persuade to do Linux ports and trying to get testbed Linux
installs in local schools.  My only advocacy document work has been in
trying to persuade the Linux Documentation Project to accept the
Commercial Port Advocacy Mini-HOWTO as official and to put it up on
their site.  That looked to be going along, if slowly, until late
December.  The last positive think I heard was that they were ready to
put it up in the next few days.  After a week I sent email asking
(politely, I think) when it would appear so I could announce it to our
various mailing lists.  I resent this message a few times until I got a
response, which said effectively, I've got a life and this is the
holiday season, stop bugging me about this.  I immediately apologized
for doing so (although I think I was justified in asking my questions)
and resolved to wait for a while to see what would happen.  We're now
three weeks into the new year and it still hasn't appeared.  I sent a
similar message (apology for bugging, and when will it appear) to the
HOWTO coordinator a couple of days ago, but haven't received a reply as
of yet.  I suspect I've gotten on his blacklist.  Does anyone have any
suggestions on how to make amends?

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