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Re: SEUL: Re: Linux advocacy documents team?

> Hi
> What has happened so far with this "Linux advocacy documents team idea" ? 
> I'm willing to donate some time to it, if it looks as if it can produce
> something that a large share of the world's Linux users and Linux-curious
> people can benefit from.

Thanks for contacting me. I got some mail together, and then put it on hold
until I could deal with some other things. I intend to be done with those
other things on Sunday evening, and then I will spend several days getting
reorganized on who's contacted me with what materials.

At the least, I intend to make a good start at a comprehensive list of
documents that are already out there. From there, I'd like to start
separating them into "good" and "bad", with specific descriptions of why
each was categorized like that.

I also want to develop some more documents like
(which is by far unfinished, btw, but you should hopefully get the idea by
reading it. Something that people interested in Linux advocacy (or 
non-technical dev in general) can read and get up to speed on the resources
available and how useful they're likely to be.)
> I might also be able to host it on a webserver with a relational database
> and very good possibilities for using CGI, mod_perl etc.

Any of that can be set up on the seul servers. Space/bandwidth/etc is not an

I'll send a longer mail on Monday.