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SEUL: Re: Networking ?

> > I agree that the ELKS homepage needs updating.  It lists quite
> > old versions of both the ELKS kernel and dev86 development environment.
> > 
> > In addition, some of the pointers to the most recent versions of the above
> > are not correct anymore.
> *Please* take it over - someone anyway, Im no longer working on ELKS (too many
> toys too little time) and I can no longer give other people sane access
> to www.linux.org.uk
I've been watching the elks development for several months, hoping it would
turn into something that would be useful to seul-edu (simple end-user linux
education project, www.seul.org/edu/), the computerbank project
(www.computerbank.org.au), or similar projects trying to put Linux on old
machines for use in schools. While I don't have time to actively help out in
development or maintenance, I'd be happy to provide stable
web/ftp/cvs/dev/majordomo/etc services if people are actually serious about
taking over maintenance and dev for the project.

Let me know if you're seriously interested in helping to make this happen.
--Roger (SEUL project leader, arma@seul.org)