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No Subject

> In message <19990124043248.4356.rocketmail@send103.yahoomail.com>, 
>  wenyao@yahoo.com writes:
> >hi
> >i am interested in downloading seul
> Currently, SEUL is a project to advocate Linux for end-users, rather than
> a project to actually build a distribution. However, we are working with
> Project Independence (http://www.independence.seul.org/) to build a
> distribution to help put some of our ideas into practice. Basically,
> Independence is currently a set of RPMs that can be installed on top of
> RedHat 5.2 (www.redhat.com).

The website is grossly outdated.  I will install new pages today if

> >however, i have some doubts :
> >1. do i need to repartition my hard disk?
> >2. is it compatible with red hat linux?
> Since it is an extension to Redhat 5.2, yes you need to repartition,
> and yes it's compatible. You can either install it directly from the
> Independence site, or you can install Redhat 5.2 normally, and then
> install the independence rpm's afterwards.

In case you install on top, you have to remove manually the .Xclients
of home directories.  Home directories are taboo so I couldn't do it
automatically in the installation.

> >3. how big exactly to download the o/s?
> Currently the extra RPMs that Independence provides are another 44-50
> megs of RPMs. Perhaps twice that after they're installed.
> >4. how to download? ( hope that you'll send me a list of what to
> >download from the ftp)
> You can download and install the normal 5.2 distrib, and then grab
> all the files in
> ftp://ftp.independence.seul.org/pub/independence/differential/RPMS/
> and install them manually.

This is mainly for people having CDROMS

> Alternatively, you can get them all from
> ftp://ftp.independence.seul.org/pub/independence/RPMS/

This will get you all (RH+Independence specific).

> In any case, read
> ftp://ftp.independence.seul.org/pub/independence/distribution/INSTALL
> before you do much.
> >thanks
> Thanks, and let me know if you have any further questions/comments.
> --Roger

And please send feedback.  We really need it.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses