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In message <19990124043248.4356.rocketmail@send103.yahoomail.com>, 
 wenyao@yahoo.com writes:
>i am interested in downloading seul

Currently, SEUL is a project to advocate Linux for end-users, rather than
a project to actually build a distribution. However, we are working with
Project Independence (http://www.independence.seul.org/) to build a
distribution to help put some of our ideas into practice. Basically,
Independence is currently a set of RPMs that can be installed on top of
RedHat 5.2 (www.redhat.com).

>however, i have some doubts :
>1. do i need to repartition my hard disk?
>2. is it compatible with red hat linux?

Since it is an extension to Redhat 5.2, yes you need to repartition,
and yes it's compatible. You can either install it directly from the
Independence site, or you can install Redhat 5.2 normally, and then
install the independence rpm's afterwards.

>3. how big exactly to download the o/s?

Currently the extra RPMs that Independence provides are another 44-50
megs of RPMs. Perhaps twice that after they're installed.

>4. how to download? ( hope that you'll send me a list of what to
>download from the ftp)

You can download and install the normal 5.2 distrib, and then grab
all the files in
and install them manually.

Alternatively, you can get them all from

In any case, read
before you do much.


Thanks, and let me know if you have any further questions/comments.