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[Feel free to pass this on to your project's list if you
think it's appropriate/useful.]

First of all, we realized last week that we hadn't told
anybody that SEUL has an irc server. Well, we do. :)

cran.seul.org aka cvs.seul.org runs ircd on port 7776.
Usually you can connect to it using the name
"cran.seul.org:7776" (this convention works for most irc clients)
It's on a nonstandard port so we don't get overrun by people
thinking they found a new irc server to share warez on, etc.

Usually a couple of seul-pub folks are online a couple times
a day, and the linuxkb project has meetings several times a
week in the #seul channel. You're welcome to drop by to see
if anything is going on, or to schedule meetings for your
subproject, or whatever else you'd like to do.

Second of all, quite a few people have asked me recently if
I could install php3 on cran. I'm sure everybody would love
to have it. But I don't have the spare energy to make that happen
these days. If somebody wants to install the php3 module on cran
(and upgrade from apache 1.2.5 while you're at it) and I know
you, let me know and I'll give you root on cran and let you go
at it. It'll be great -- power, prestige, the gratitude of your
fellow seul webmasters.... Anyone? :) (Cran is a RH42 box
currently, and a serious upgrade is unlikely at least until I'm
in the same state.)