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Re: SEUL: IRC and PHP3

Actually I wouldnt mind helping out with php stuff. I just installed it
on one of our servers here without any problems.


Roger Dingledine wrote:
> [Feel free to pass this on to your project's list if you
> think it's appropriate/useful.]
> First of all, we realized last week that we hadn't told
> anybody that SEUL has an irc server. Well, we do. :)
> cran.seul.org aka cvs.seul.org runs ircd on port 7776.
> Usually you can connect to it using the name
> "cran.seul.org:7776" (this convention works for most irc clients)
> It's on a nonstandard port so we don't get overrun by people
> thinking they found a new irc server to share warez on, etc.
> Usually a couple of seul-pub folks are online a couple times
> a day, and the linuxkb project has meetings several times a
> week in the #seul channel. You're welcome to drop by to see
> if anything is going on, or to schedule meetings for your
> subproject, or whatever else you'd like to do.
> Second of all, quite a few people have asked me recently if
> I could install php3 on cran. I'm sure everybody would love
> to have it. But I don't have the spare energy to make that happen
> these days. If somebody wants to install the php3 module on cran
> (and upgrade from apache 1.2.5 while you're at it) and I know
> you, let me know and I'll give you root on cran and let you go
> at it. It'll be great -- power, prestige, the gratitude of your
> fellow seul webmasters.... Anyone? :) (Cran is a RH42 box
> currently, and a serious upgrade is unlikely at least until I'm
> in the same state.)
> Thanks,
> --Roger