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SEUL: cvspsrv account on seul.org


	I'm the author of gEDA (http://www.geda.seul.org).  Roger and I
were talking about merging all the cvs repositories on cran into one
place and since the cvspsrv account and pserver stuff was already setup,
that would be a good place to put everything.  I'm familiar with CVS
and anon CVS setup, but any help/advise is appreciated.  Basically all
I have to do is put my current repository in the toplevel repository
directory and update the module file, as well as add some cvs users.
I would also verify the anon setup and make sure it works for me.

	Could you please send me or Roger (arma@mit.edu) the password 
to the cvspsrv account on seul.org?  The password should then probably
be changed if it's going to be sent in plaintext through e-mail.  If you 
would rather not share your password, a new one can be set.  Thanks a bunch.


   v      v
Ales V. Hvezda