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SEUL: Unified cvs/pserver repository

Ales (of the gEDA project) has volunteered to unify the various
cvs repositories of the seul subprojects into a single cvs
repository. This repository will have a module for each project,
and also allow anonymous read-only access via pserver. (Wow, we'll
be like the gnome project. ;) Also, this will allow you to have
remote developers that login via pserver, so they don't have actual
accounts on cran. This isn't really an issue, but might be convenient

The repositories that I know about so far:

gEDA in /home/geda/cvsroot ?
SoX in /home/cvspsrv/cvsroot/sound/sox
SEUL in /home/seul/cvsroot
FreeCASE in /home/freecase/cvsroot
FreeHDL in /home/freehdl/cvsroot ? is this used or just old?
GPeriodic in /home/periodic/cvsroot/

Are there any that I'm missing?

The current plan is to put them all into /home/cvspsrv/cvsroot, under
subheadings so the top-level doesn't get cluttered.

I will rely on people to choose the best name for their subheading. As a
first cut, how about
"sound" -> SoX
"eda" -> gEDA, FreeHDL
"edu" -> GPeriodic
"seul" -> seul (pardon me while I'm greedy :)

What name should freecase fit under? Is 'case' too narrow?

In the near future we might also be adding an lgpl'd "3d game library"
called GTC (Game ToolChest), and I'm not sure what category that would
go in either.

In any case, I want everybody to be at the second tier (meaning no more
than one subdirectory down), so the paths don't get too long.

Please direct your replies to me personally and I'll sort through things
and summarize to the list if appropriate.