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SEUL: Re: cvspsrv account on seul.org


	I've had my share of a lot of work for the past few days, so
I'm now just catching up.

>So, any status on this yet?  Just curious if I'll have company now and
>who to ask my CVS questions to in the future. :-)

	Yeah, I finally got the gEDA repository into the cvspsrv account
and everything is working just great.  I had to make very minimal changes
to the cvs config files (cvs accounts and modules) to get things to work
for the gEDA project.  Feel free to send me any SEUL cvs related questions.

	As far as getting other people's cvs repositories into this
one place, that's all ready to go, I just need to coordinate with the
other seul leaders.

>Out of curiousity, were did you come up with my email address of
>cbagwell@tx.fnc.fujitsu.com?  My prefered email address is
>"cbagwell@sprynet.com" but I often reply to emails from
>"cbagwell@fnc.fujitsu.com".  My work has about a billion email address
>that work but they only support the later and not tx.fnc.fujitsu.com.

	You can blame Roger (arma) for giving me that address. :-)