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Re: SEUL: Linux project for ISDN (fwd)

S M Waldman wrote:

> > kbps. A download estimated to take 3 hours at 28.8 kbps took 12 minutes.
> > This leads me to believe that the future for software distribution will
> > be downloads and not CDs since CDs are quickly obsolete.
> >
> Meanwhile we in teh UK still pay phone charges, while BT charge ludicrous
> prices for ISDN, and many say are deliberately delaying ASDL and its
> varients in this country in order to sell more ISDN... I'll stick with CDs
> thanks!

The Register (http://www.theregister.co.uk) had an article today titled "NTL
to launch digital telly service in September". It lists high speed internet
access as one of the services it will offer in the UK. Perhaps the
competition will lower prices for you as it has for us. Anyway back to
Roger's question on ISDN. Everything I've read views ISDN as an obsolescent
technology being superseded by faster cheaper DSL and cable modem.