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SEUL: re: Linux ISDN

Hi all,

> I am at the startingpoint of manufacturing cheap ISDN PCI boards
> with up to 4 Basic rate interfaces. They support already CAPI and
> TAPI in the Windows world.
> If there is interest, please contact me for more details.
> Gerhart Hlawatsch

     I think I missed something here. Are we going on the basis that
this fellow wants us to undertake a project to develop ISDN drivers for
his peripherals, or does he just want us to know about them or what?

     On one hand, ISDN appears (at least in the West) not to be terribly
economical. That said, there may be some merit to fostering (not
necessarily coordinating) the development of drivers for these
peripherals. On the other hand, as technology in other areas develops,
what is the likelihood that DSL infrastructure will be more easily set
up than ISDN (I don't know; I'd appreciate being set straight here).

     In any case, perhaps I should send this fellow a quick email asking
for clarification?



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