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Re: SEUL: Linux command-line focus

Josef Lowder wrote:

> So, that is why I would like to find fell command-line enthusiasts
> with whom to share and compare notes and ideas.
> I might be interested in helping to host a web-site and/or a user-
> mail-list, if such a thing does not already exist, but I have no
> experience in that area, yet, so I would no doubt need a lot of
> guidance.
> Pete wrote:
> > That said, if you wanted to put together a web page that would help
> > explain some of the common linux commands, I'm sure you would find a
> > fair bit of help from the folks on this list, as well as potentially a
> > place to host it.
> By copy of this note to the "cc" you provided, I hope to drum up some
> interest and response.

Hi Joe, Pete,
Joe, both Pete and myself are subscribed to seul-pub so we don't need an
(2nd copy). Personally I'm ambivalent, I can go with either a CLI or GUI.
there are cases where one has no choice but to use the CLI. Also if one is
running a
firewall machine they should probably only use a CLI. My real interest is
in trying to
make things happen, thus I extracted what I thought was pertinent.
Basically, Joe
wants a CLI mailing-list and for this one needs a server. I suppose
initially one could
use seul-pub since it's usually low traffic and gets used for all sorts of
things. Joe if
you wish to subscribe it's majordomo@seul.org with " subscribe seul-pub" in
the body
of the message. Next we need to put together a paragraph describing the
role of the
CLI mailing-list. Joe would you be willing to do this or do you want me to
make a draft
for you to edit. Then we'll need a list of places to post the notice such
as Linux user
groups, the Linux list and other sites where Linux users lurk. SEUL should
have such a
list anyway for situations such as this. Pete how difficult would it be to
put up a simple
web page somewhere on the SEUL site. Joe would you be willing to share your

'makecdr' with the world. It sounds like it would save others a significant
amount of
time not having to reinvent the wheel. Finally I wrote this because I
believe that rather
than sit and hope something happens one can make it happen.