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Re: SEUL: Linux command-line focus

Robert Hopcroft wrote:

> Pete how difficult would it be to put up a simple web page somewhere
> on the SEUL site.
     How hard? Not very. If Joe wants to do some of the page work, we'll
have to get him set up with an account on cran so he can get CVS up and
going. After that, it's pretty much adding the info to the page.
     Joe - I can help you with the particulars with setting up the page
locally - ie. with CVS (which you probably already know) and SDOC. Roger
will have to make the user account arrangements when he gets back

> Finally I wrote this because I believe that rather than sit and hope
> something happens one can make it happen.
     That's why we're all here, after all. :) A CLI guide makes sense,
partially because (other than the O'Reilly 'Running Linux') I found few
good references. Heck, the folks here at Seul were pretty much the
people who got me going in the first place (Thanks to Arma, Micah, and a
bunch of other people).

     The question then comes up: what should be on this page?

          - directory hierarchy?
          - apropos, man?
          - ls, mkdir, rmdir, cd, cp, mv?
          - rm, mkfs?

     Hope this helps,


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