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SEUL: Potential Volunteers (draft)

Hi there,

     You've indicated an interest in working on the SEUL project. While
we're always looking for help, it's usually better for people to choose
the project they want to work on.

     A good first step is for you to join the seul-pub list so you can
receive updates on ongoing activities. You can subscribe via a web-based
form at


     Meanwhile, have a look at the "ToDo" page to see what projects are
already underway, and choose the ones you're interested in. The "ToDo"
page can be found at 


     From there, why not introduce yourselves by sending an email to
seul-pub@seul.org telling us about you, the project you'd like to work
on and the skills you can bring to it, your experience with computers in
general and linux in particular. All of the project leaders are on this
list, and they will contact you from there.

     Looking forward to hearing from you,

     -- Pete

Pete St. Onge - McGill U.  Limnology - Fun with Ropes & Buckets
pete@seul.org                  http://wwp.mirabilis.com/4322052
SEUL - Linux for All!                       http://www.seul.org
Programming For Science Page        http://www.trentu.ca/~erpds
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