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SEUL: Re: volunteer work

> > How goes? Have any spare time for advocacy documents?
> No problems.  I have an exam on wednesday NZST then I'll get to 
> work.  Unfortunately I'm forbidden access to the article at 
> kenandted.com  so perhaps you could e-mail it to me.  Also I've 

Looks like the address doesn't resolve anymore..bleah. We should
cache these things locally or something, so they don't keep
disappearing off the net. :(

> been asked to do a story on volunteer, not-for-profit, internet 
> organisations.  i.e distributed.net, seti@home and (naturally) linux. 

Nice. Who has asked you to do it? (If you want non-technical
info on linux, seul-pub isn't a bad place for it -- mail majordomo@seul.org
with body 'subscribe seul-pub'.)
> > (Another one you might look at is http://www.seul.org/pub/fsib.html,
> > which I wrote a while ago and it needs revision but I think it's a nice
> > document.)
> Michael A. Koziarski
> koz@paradise.net.nz