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SEUL: Re: Summer univsersity

> In Grenoble (France), from 4 to 9 july the french education institutions
> organize a summer university about the use of free software in the school.
> At this occasion, I will present, in a lecture, Dr Geo and the philosophy
> behind it. I will also speak about Seul/Edu and the help/connection it
> brings to project like Dr Geo.
> In another occasion, I will be involved in talk about the use of
> networked workstation under GNU/Linux.
> I will try to make a report about the whole event. It should be a high
> quality event as the person involved (~70) don't need to be advocated to
> free software but want the things in action.

We would be more than happy to post your summary on our website,
similar to what we did for the InterOP conference summary that
Dana wrote up (http://www.seul.org/pub/oss_conference_interop.html).
I also know enough publicity/news people that I can get it pretty
widely distributed...this would probably be as good for spreading
awareness and gathering interest as the event itself.
> Late I will take a good rest during this summer holidays. :)
Good plan. :) 
> Hilaire Fernandes 
> Dr Geo project http://www.drgeo.seul.org