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SEUL: [OT]: Project start for GEO

Unfortunately, although Compaq was interested in supporting the General
Education Online site, it looks like it will not work out.  We have a
current address for General Education Online at
http://wsdo.sao.uwf.edu/~geo/ for now.

We are almost to the point where we can start working on a prototype
version of the General Education Online Site.  We're waiting for the
hardware to arrive right now, so that we can install PHP / MySQL and start
switching geo over to a database type format (with searches and so forth).

<additional information>

There would be some "internal" use pages which would be served up via
applications written in C /  C++ (depending on which language best supports
what we want to do).  

For example, programs would have to be written to help handle automatic
updates to the database (via yahoo or alternate sites--not sure yet), and
other administrative tasks.

Also, since this is essentially a revamp from the ground up, you would be
able to help with the initial specs and so forth for the site (including
any programs that might have to be written in C / C++).  At this point, I'm
not really sure what we'll do internally (via C / C++) and what we will do
externally (via PHP)--but I can assure you that there will be opportunities
for both.

>>What is the main purpose of this site?
>General Education Online's (GEO) main purpose is to provide a list of
links to as many university and college websites around the world as
possible.  The list, as part of the scheduled redesign effort, will also
add information concerning whether or not a college or university is linux
>>I know that you will list Linux friendly colleges, but how do you forsee
>>people using this information. What will they use it for?
>People are already using information currently provided by GEO as a
starting point when searching for information on colleges and universities
all over the world.  Once the redesign is complete, users will be able to
do searches on the list and will also be able to find those colleges /
universities that have established "linux support" groups in their area.
>>Also, what kind of role will volunteers play?
>Volunteers would help with pre-release coding of php pages and database
structures for the new design of GEO (and possibly some web / graphics
design).  Once the pages are completed, volunteers would also be needed to
"beta-test" the new design.  After that, volunteers would be needed on a
rotating basis for periodic updates of the database(s).

</additional information>
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