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SEUL: Re: hosting on seul.org

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; I had to leave town for
a while, and I'm just now catching up with my old mail.

In message <99052815501003.00652@xeer.ozone.ie>, donncha@linux.ie writes:
>Hi Roger,
>Thanks for your comments about my page - My page is a very general one,
>generally picking up whatever I'm interested in at a certain time, but I =
>given more thought to my install-* programs, mainly because I use them my=
>when I install a new copy of Linux. I wonder if those programs would find=
> a
>home on SEUL? Most of my development in the last few months (when I get t=
>away from work!) is on Install-Sendmail and I'm growing very much aware o=
>f the
>problems faced by the end-user. My email to you was prompted by an email =
>I got
>from Jean Francois Martinez of the Independence project hosted on SEUL. I=
> went
>to his site then to your domain and liked what I saw. (He didn't suggest =
>that I
>ask you to host my site, I think he would like to use install-sendmail in=
> his
>distribution, he called it a "godsend" ;)

Sure, I'd be happy to host the install-sendmail scripts and related on
the seul machines. I could also set up mailing lists, etc, if you thought
those would be useful.

It would probably be most convenient from your point of view to put the
web pages into a directory on cran.seul.org (I'll give you an account --
what username would you like?), and then they could be accessed under
Then we could make a subdomain, like www.install-sendmail.seul.org, and
it would be accessible from there as well. But that subdomain name is
a little bit too specific..do you have any ideas on a better name?