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Re: SEUL: a new operating system interaction

Lorenzo De Tomasi wrote:

> I'm a student of graphic design and design of interfaces at Politecnico
> di Milano (Italy).
> If you want I can help you to create graphics  (logo, icons, cursors,
> poiters, etc) and interaction for a new operating system interface based
> on Linux...
> I have some ideas for a good and simple interaction...
> I'm waiting for an answer... :)

I'm not sure exactly what you have in mind, so I thought I would throw
something out and get your reaction to it. I also sent this to seul-edu to
get their reaction as well. On a windows machine, I saw a background ( I
believe that's what they call it) of a periodic table of the chemical
elements. My first thought was wouldn't it be neat to be able to click on
an element and have displayed information about the element. By adding the
digits, one could, for example, click on H, 2, O and get the properties of
water. It doesn't take that much imagination to turn it into a Chemistry
course. Would producing an interface such as this be of interest to you.