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Re: SEUL: a new operating system interaction

An interface of this type can be easily created with a program like
Macromedia director...
I'm not a programmer and Im able to create it with MD...
If you want to realise this I can test the interaction and give you some
Or do you want I project the entire interaction?
The idea is good...

Robert Hopcroft wrote:

> Lorenzo De Tomasi wrote:
> > I'm a student of graphic design and design of interfaces at Politecnico
> > di Milano (Italy).
> > If you want I can help you to create graphics  (logo, icons, cursors,
> > poiters, etc) and interaction for a new operating system interface based
> > on Linux...
> > I have some ideas for a good and simple interaction...
> >
> > I'm waiting for an answer... :)
> I'm not sure exactly what you have in mind, so I thought I would throw
> something out and get your reaction to it. I also sent this to seul-edu to
> get their reaction as well. On a windows machine, I saw a background ( I
> believe that's what they call it) of a periodic table of the chemical
> elements. My first thought was wouldn't it be neat to be able to click on
> an element and have displayed information about the element. By adding the
> digits, one could, for example, click on H, 2, O and get the properties of
> water. It doesn't take that much imagination to turn it into a Chemistry
> course. Would producing an interface such as this be of interest to you.
> Bob