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Re: SEUL: Re: volunteer work

> > > > How goes? Have any spare time for advocacy documents?
> > > 
> > > No problems.  I have an exam on wednesday NZST then I'll get to 
> > > work.  Unfortunately I'm forbidden access to the article at 
> > > kenandted.com  so perhaps you could e-mail it to me.  Also I've 
> > 
> > Looks like the address doesn't resolve anymore..bleah. We should
> > cache these things locally or something, so they don't keep
> > disappearing off the net. :(
> > 
> I've finished analysing the first couple of docs.  do you want a 
> report written for the great unwashed or for the project?
Excellent. Well, first of all I'd be interested in hearing a
more detailed version of what you did. Which docs you looked
at, what you were looking for, etc. I'm not yet sure what the
differences between a 'great unwashed masses' summary and a
'for the project' summary would be, so I'd be interested in
hearing your perspectives on that.

I guess down the road, we'll be trying to accomplish two things:
* we want to give actual feedback to the authors of the docs, so
  they can improve things. we also want to get an impression of
  which docs are the 'best' in their category, publicize them
  more widely, and figure out how to handle the not-so-best docs.
* we want to have a template (maybe figurative, maybe literal)
  for how to analyze a document, what to look for, how to approach
  things, so we can make it smoother for other people to do it in
  the future.

I'd be interested in hearing some more details. :) No need to
be formal (tho I guess you can be if you want to be), just
spit it all out and we'll adjust our plan from there. :)