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SEUL: WANTED: Linux Knowledge Base Org. Developers

I've been working with and supporting this group since they started, and
they're closing in on having an excellent site devoted to the free exchange
of information, by and for end-users. Except, of course, they would like
some more developers to help out.


Currently there is an enormous amount of useful information about Linux on
the Internet.  But, often it seems that it takes the patience of a saint
to actually find what you're looking for.  Even worse, there is a lot of
inaccurate and out of date documentation which makes finding the answer
you need all the more difficult.

To solve this problem, the Linux Knowledge Base Organization
(http://www.linuxkb.org/) has been quietly working for the past eight
months to develop the most advanced information repository and retrieval
system for Linux related documentation.  We are currently a six person
team dedicated to filling the documentation gap that currently exists with
Linux and the programs that run on it.

The Linux Knowledge Base Project is a volunteer effort which is 100%
sponsor supported (ie. no ad banners) and licensed in the spirit of open
source.  Content can be copied, modified, and re-distributed by others
free of charge.

Currently, we are seeking additional qualified volunteers who wish to give
back to the Linux community and who share our goal of creating the most
advanced search, indexing, authoring, and management engine for Linux
related documentation.

To find out more what the Linux Knowledge Base Organization is about and
how you can help, please visit:


Aaron Turner <aturner@linuxkb.org>
LinuxKBO Core Developer