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SEUL: Website to check

OK guys. I think my 'skeleton' is ready, with most of the directory
structure in place.

I will be away over the weekend. I've asked Omega to regenerate the site
from all the changes I've made, and then let this list know when he has
done so.

When he has, I'd like to ask any of you who can to look around it at
http://cvs.seul.org/~seul/ and see if you can spot any broken links.
Many of the pages don't say anything useful, may documents exist in the
repository that aren't linked in yet, but all the links which are there
should work. If you come accross any problems, please email me. If you
don't come accross any, please email me anyway so that (a) I know how
many people have checked, and (b) it makes me feel good if I've made no
mistakes. ;-)

I'll come back Sunday and hope for a good mailbox.

Thanks everyone. Next week I'll try and get some other people working on
the site.


PS - spelling mistakes, major grammatical errors, etc., are also fair
game. Anything that you think is wrong, factually or gramatically. But I
didn't write most of it ;-)


Simon Waldman            email:  swaldman@bigfoot.com
Surrey, England.                 swaldman@seul.org
SEUL : Simple End-User Linux     http://www.seul.org
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