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SEUL: Info for website

Greetings all.

Each group should have at least a skeleton presence on the web site.
>From those that have none at present, (all but help and ui I think), I'd
therefore like some info summarizing:

- Who is leader
- What THEY feel the remit of the group is (I've got the official stuff,
but it's a bit dry...)
- Any current projects : progress?
- Plans for near future, if any.
- Particular people doing particular things

I'd like the web site to act to give people a sense of being part of a
project, not just part of the group they are subbed to. I think this can
happen if I can keep it up to date with news of what the other groups
are doing, any milestones reached etc.. So if you have some news from
your group that you think might interest people working elsewhere in the
project, let me know and I'll publish it.

For those groups that already have a web presence (this is mostly
-help), could you please let me know who is doing the web
design/development (has it been Omega so far, or somebody in the
group?), and who the contact in the group should be for web stuff (I
suspect mostly the leader at this stage). It would be useful if you
could also give as much of the info above as possible.

I hope to have a skeleton development site ready around the end of this
week. I don't think I'm as optimistic in my estimates as Omega ;-), but
don't hold me to that! ;-)


PS - Martin, this includes you - pub has no web presence at present
(ironic, isn't it...) ;-)
PPS - sorry if this message sounds terse, I'm half asleep.


Simon Waldman            email:  swaldman@bigfoot.com
Surrey, England.                 swaldman@seul.org
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