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SEUL: Re: Need a mirror?

On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, Roger Dingledine wrote:

Sorry for the delay - I've been getting about 900 mails per day in the
last couple of days. Seems the "slashdot effect" can effect e-mail
addresses as well as webpages. ;)

> One of the people in the seul-edu group pointed out your distribution
> to me. I'm the leader of the Simple End-User Linux (SEUL) project --
> we're trying to help out groups who are working to make Linux easier to
> use from an end-user's perspective.

Sounds much like part of what I'm intending to do.

> One of our groups is Project Independence -- http://independence.seul.org/
> Their goal is to come up with a distribution that integrates some of the
> newer and better programs out there. Currently it's based on Redhat-5.2.
> You might want to check out their site and distrib, and see if any of it
> looks interesting to you.

Just done so - seems we've been doing the same things in a lot of places.
(adding KDE and such). I wasn't aware of the fact that someone else was
already working on this.
I've read you'd like to include GNOME in the next version, just like I've
done - the source RPMs should be compatible. You can simply take them from
my site (when it's back up) and recompile.

> Additionally, perhaps you might be interested
> in working with them to combine the two distributions.

Might become interesting...

> If you need mirrors for Berolinux, I can provide a short-term mirror on
> www.seul.org. I have about a gig free, and I can make that 2 gigs if need
> be. By short-term, I mean "non-permanent but lasting as long as it's
> useful to you and I don't need to use the space for Independence."

I don't think this will be necessary - right now, download is generally
disabled because the ISP won't permit it, my CDs are on the way (by
snailmail) to 2 new hosts, and I've had several offers for permanent
mirrors who can start when the new sites are up.
Thanks anyway.


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