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SEUL: Need a mirror?

One of the people in the seul-edu group pointed out your distribution
to me. I'm the leader of the Simple End-User Linux (SEUL) project --
we're trying to help out groups who are working to make Linux easier to
use from an end-user's perspective.

One of our groups is Project Independence -- http://independence.seul.org/
Their goal is to come up with a distribution that integrates some of the
newer and better programs out there. Currently it's based on Redhat-5.2.
You might want to check out their site and distrib, and see if any of it
looks interesting to you. Additionally, perhaps you might be interested
in working with them to combine the two distributions.

If you need mirrors for Berolinux, I can provide a short-term mirror on
www.seul.org. I have about a gig free, and I can make that 2 gigs if need
be. By short-term, I mean "non-permanent but lasting as long as it's
useful to you and I don't need to use the space for Independence."
We've got multiple T3 lines for a connection, and can handle a lot more
load than we're getting these days.

Let me know if this would be useful to you,