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SEUL: Apr/May status update

*** SEUL in the press

 EDN Access has their cover story on Linux. SEUL is mentioned prominently.

 "Perhaps the best hope for Linux as a PC operating system will emerge from
 the Simple End User Linux (SEUL, www.seul.org) project. The volunteers on
 that project are dedicated to making installation of the OS, drivers, and
 applications as simple as Windows. The Web site currently has an alpha-test
 release but is far from a Linux distribution truly targeted at the masses."

 Also mentioned are the gEDA project and the FreeHDL project. (Apparently
 the author is an engineer so he thought they were really cool.)


*** New project hosting/updates

 We are now hosting development of GTuner (a highly configurable radio card
 tuner for Linux), DrGEO (interactive geometry application), and QVocab
 (vocabulary program).


 We've also created a list for Nightfall, an interactive educational
 astronomy application.


 WXftp 0.4.4 is out, at http://www.wxftp.seul.org/

*** gEDA (the GNU Electronic Design Automation project):

 The current gEDA tarball version is 19990516, which includes the usual
 bunch of bug fixes, integration of contributed symbols, integration of the
 verilog backend, integration of Jamil's latest gschcheck, and integration
 of the latest gmk_sym: http://www.geda.seul.org/download.html

 Also, Stephen Williams has made available Icarus Verilog, a GPLed Verilog
 compiler: http://www.geda.seul.org/tools/verilog/index.html

*** LaetOS, www.laetos.org

 We've been working with LaetOS (www.laetos.org), a Debian-based end-user
 distrib project, to make sure the current end-user distribution projects
 don't overlap much in their work. LaetOS has some useful tools such as a
 hardware detection program and an (alpha) installer.